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Written by guest writer: Spencer Bloom
As last night’s season finale of Scandal came to a close, viewers were left with just as many questions as they had going into the finale. There was no clear resolution to Olivia and Fitz’s relationship, nor with Fitz and Mellie, or even Olivia and Jake. We don’t know whether we should hate Olivia’s father or her mother, or both. And let’s not even get started on Huck and Quinn, and that twisted affair which was finally consummated last night.

For those of you who haven’t caught up with the show, you can easily do it through digital downloads, online, on demand, or through your Direct-Ticket package if you have one. Those of you who did get a chance to watch last night’s finale surely have as many questions as I do. It seems the series creator Shonda Rhimes purposefully left us in a state of limbo in order to set up for an even more explosive season four.

Last night began with the bomb at the funeral exploding, however, Jake was able to figure it out and evacuate the church. Sally took the chaos as an opportunity to shine as a hero, and her plan worked as every network switched over from Fitz’s speech to live footage of her tending to the wounded. Olivia and Cyrus admitted defeat and told Fitz to write a concession speech. While he was doing so, he told Olivia they were finally going to be together now that he could finally divorce Mellie. However, Olivia took this as the opportunity to tell him about his father raping Mellie years ago, which caused him to rush to his wife’s side.
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To hell with calling Olivia Pope, this Hollywood scandal needs a heavy duty fixer to save the day! Seven months after she originally filed for divorce and six weeks after the couple decided to” work things out”, Tanee McCall-Short has once again filed for divorce from Columbus Short, star of ABC’s hit drama Scandal.

In documents filed on April 16th, Tanee, whose real name is Tuere cited “irreconcilable differences” for the reason of the demise of their marriage. Tanee also asked for physical and legal custody of the couple’s two year old daughter Ayala, as well as a restraining order. The judge has granted the temporary restraining order against Columbus with a hearing scheduled for May 6to determine if it should be permanent.

According to the paperwork filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, the two had a violent incident on April 7th at their home. Tanee claims that Columbus came into their room drunk boots, pouring wine on her, screaming and then poured wine on her as he cornered her when she tried to get away. Also in the documents, Short allegedly ran in the kitchen and got a knife, pinned Tanee to the couch and began to choke her.
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1. Most people have been taught so many negative views on sex that their initial response is always one of shame and guilt.

2. The fact that people even expected puritan behavior from those who appear on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, of all shows, says more about them than Mimi and Nikko.

3. The people who think Mimi makes all Black women look bad never gave a damn about the Michelle Obama’s of the world to begin with.

4. People are legitimately voting away other people rights, but have the nerve to think they are better parents than someone who filmed a sex tape.

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Rapper Trina said if she could do it all over again, she’d be f&ckin by the time she was ten, cause she’s the baddest b!tch. For some odd reason, I don’t think she was telling the truth. However, some fast tail girl in Britain was feeling her inner Trina and has become one of the youngest parents in Britain. Additionally, she sent her mother directly to the history books by making her the youngest grandmothers at 27. The parents, mother 12, father 13 both need their asses beat if you ask me. The gag of it all is that the young mother got impregnated while in elementary school. Chile, y’all better be concerned about y’all daughters growing hair on their stuff in the 2nd grade, and needing deodorant in kindergarten.

Nessa girl!!!! Hold my mule so I can shout. I’m so over you church folks and y’all pastors. First Eddie Long was plunging boys up the poo poo chute with his man of god, then Deitrick Haddon and his big ole holy ghost were blasted across the net for all the world to see. Now, Grammy award winning singer and pastor Charles Jenkins has been put on blast by a scorned lover. Is it me, or is there more scorned messy women in the church house than there is on the Jerry Springer show? Honestly, what would Jesus do?

Now I ain’t one to gossip, and lord knows I don’t keep up mess in the church. I was minding my business when I got yet another email containing the picture. I was again minding my own business when fellow blogger Williams McCray hit me up talking about the goings on in the church house. William is more of usher board #1 material than I’ll ever be, so if you want the full story, including the background on Pastor Jenkins, head on over to Obnoxioustv’s Blog

In the meantime, if you want to see what the pastor is packing, or isn’t packing in his case, see below. Catch these t’s.
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Chile, The Game is having the worst month ever and all the drama is surrounding the beef between him and his ex-fiancé Ms. Tiffney Cambridge. Allegations of domestic violence, alleged sexual affairs with reality stars, (here’s a hint, it ain’t Khole Kardashian!) and restraining orders. Catch all mindboggling, juicy drama after the break…

All this shenanigans surrounding Jayceon Taylor and his ex-fiance Tiffney Cambridge reminds me of one of my favorite albums “Ghetto Hymns” by Dave Hollister, it’s so much going on in this saga, and you might need a stiff drink afterwards! Let’s get into it, shall we.

A few Weeks ago Tiffney filed a police report claiming that The Game attacked her on March 19th, after an argument between the two of them turn violent. According to TMZ, Tiffney was hit repeatedly in the face by The Game injuring her eye socket and breaking her nose! LA Law Enforcement took pictures of the injuries and launched a full investigation. The Game initially said “I don’t want to give fuel to these false accusations, but the truth will definitely come out. I am always looking out for my children’s safety and have never laid a hand on Tiffney.” That was on April 4th, since then things have been out of control.
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Attention: I just got a call that this is old TEA, but i’m still gonna spread it…
Ohhhhhhh B!tch!! Nasty put some clothes on why dontcha! Chile, i don’t know what the hell is going on here, but these cast members of Love & Hip Hop sure can’t seem to keep their privates off of the internet. First Stevie’s beef cake was put on display, then Rich Dollaz’z lil pee pee played peek-a-boo, now a sex tape has surfaced and allegedly Shay “Buckey” Johnson is the leading lady. Catch these T’s www.funkydineva.com

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