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So listen, I try my hardest to shy away from using phrases like “that person is a hater”, or “ he/she is hating on me”. I consciously try to carry myself in a manner that lends itself to the question “who am I to hate on?” I make sure to smile when I’m in public, I speak to everyone, and I treat everyone as if they are one of my cousins. However, every now and again, you encounter a bitch that has all kinds of personal issues that causes them to act like you owe them something. Let me tell you bitches something. I, Funky Dineva Ross do not owe a nan bitch anything. The problem I’ve most commonly run into is people feeling like because we somewhat do the same thing, but they’ve been doing it longer, that I owe them some sort of homage. I’ve also run into those who have been attempting to do what I do for years, have made no headway, but feels some kind of way towards me for garnering some sort of notoriety in what they perceive as a short period of time. Let’s address both of these.

1. Just because we somewhat do the same thing, but you’ve been doing it longer doesn’t entitle you to any sort of homage.

You guys will be surprised the lengths people will go to try to make you feel some kind of way about yourself due to their shortcomings. I was hanging out with a friend one night when a Blogger made it a point to introduce themselves to me as “John Doe, one of the very first Bloggers.” I remember shaking his hand and thinking to myself “ohhh ok girl.” Later on that night, as I continued to pay that ho dust, her desire to be acknowledged by me grew larger. A few cocktails later, this person’s inner desire to be recognized by me grew to a place of her insulting me just to get some sort of reaction. Walking down the street, having a general conversation about blogging all together, this bitch had the nerve to say to me “well really, who are you anyway? You’re just a gimmick and won’t be here in 10 years.” All things constant, whether I am just a gimmick and won’t be here in 10 years, or not is inconsequential to this person’s life. Let’s just say the night ended with this bitch getting popped in the head. Read rest at www.funkydineva.com

Nessa girl, it saddens me to have to even tell you the bullsh!t I’m about to tell you. After all the ranting and the raving, A Mother’s Love WILL NOT be coming to a city nearest you after all. Simply put, it appears that the promoter who the play was licensed to may have bitten off a little more than they could chew. Quiet as its kept, I knew something in the milk wasn’t clean when the check I was written for my first week’s salary bounced. Writing this post is a little weird for me, because I am so use to telling other people’s tea, and not my own. However, here we go…

For those of you wondering “how is it that the play stop moving due to lack of resources, and Kandi is rich”, here’s how. Kandi & Todd created and produced the original play. After the play’s initial run in Atlanta, Kandi & Todd were apprehensive about travelling the play around the US on their dime, because these were unchartered territories for them. One magical day, A promoter approached Kandi & Todd about wanting to invest in and promote the play on a 30 city tour. The reasonable assumption to any rational adult is that if someone approaches you about putting a 30 city tour together, that they have the resources and the skill set to do so. Well we all know what they say about assumptions… READ REST AT www.funkydineva.com

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